Chestnut-fed pork belly strips Coren 500 g

Chestnut-fed pork belly strips Coren 500 g

Exquisite bacon from pigs fed with Coren chestnuts. 500 grams. Vacuum packed.


12.56€ Kg


Pancetta or bacon is a meat product comprising the skin and layers found under the skin of the pig or pork, specifically the ventral muscles (hence the name "pancetta"). It is composed of the skin, bacon (fat or fatty lard) marbled with lean meat (hence it is also called "bacon marbled" or "streaky bacon").It is also known as bacon, a term derived from the English word bacon and this from the Medieval Latin baco, -onis, and used in Spain to refer to smoked bacon.

Valor energético: 0276 kj / 305 kcal
Grasas: 26,5
Saturadas: 9,8
Proteínas: 16,7
Sal: 0,45
Hidratos de carbono: 0,5
Azúcares: 0,5
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