Chestnut-fed select pork needle fillets Coren 500g

Chestnut-fed select pork needle fillets Coren 500g

Needle steaks from pigs fed with Coren chestnuts. 500 grams.


13.66€ Kg


what is the needle or pork needle steaks?Today, many people consume this piece of pork, but it is still quite unknown to most consumers. Needle or needle chops correspond to the meat from the ribs of the front part of the pig. Its fat content is higher than the other chops, making it juicier when consumed.It is generally consumed in the form of chops, although others prefer to buy large pieces ideal for roasting in the oven. If the piece to be consumed is very thick, we recommend making small incisions so that it is well done.Regarding the nutritional value, the fat contained in pork chops is monounsaturated and provides high quality proteins. It also contains minerals such as iron and zinc. Its sodium content is low, apositive aspect for people with hypertensive tendencies.You can enjoy more pieces of this animal such as lean pork or pork ribs cut into pieces, to continue enjoying all the benefits provided by this meat.

Brand: Coren Selecta
Origin: Spain
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