Urakasumi Zen Ginjo Sake 72cl

Urakasumi Zen Ginjo Sake 72cl

Sake Urakasumi Zen Ginjo. 72 centiliters.



It was 280 years ago when Sake Urakadumi Ginjo started producing sake. With the help of indigenous yeasts and local rice, with the help of Nambu Toji, the foreman of the area, they get a great sake of high quality and a perfect balance of aroma and flavor, it is a round, rich and solid sake, a good sake for those who love red wine. Very smooth and velvety, classified as one of the best balanced sake on the market. Aromas of steamed rice, butter and a touch of mint stand out on the nose. You can learn the term "savory" with this brew and look for hints of milk chocolate, sweet nuts, rice pudding and rich nougat flavors.This is the Urakasumi Winery in charge of producing sake for the sacred temple of Shiogama, the oldest in the entire northern region of Honshu. These sakes, with lots of umami, are perfect to accompany seafood.

Origin: Japan
Service: 8ºC
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