Dewazakura Dewa San San Sake 72cl

Dewazakura Dewa San San Sake 72cl

Sake Dewazakura Dewa San San. 72 centiliters.



This Sake belongs to the Dewazakura house, a house that was founded in 1892. It was a pioneer as they were the first in the market to label their sakes with the word "Ginjo". This word refers to the fact that it is a "Non Junmai" sake, i.e. with added sugars and with a minimum polish between 50% and 60%. Starting to sell their Ginjo sake in the 80s has made their career one of the most revolutionary in the world of sake. In 2008 they won the International WineChallenge award with their product is fine with citrus notes of lime and pineapple rind. The elegance of the area very well interpreted. Even in the mouth, it enters marking its acidity, slight glycerin, being dry, which gives way to aslightly warm and perfumed finish, very elegant.

Origin: Japan
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