Polymaster Royal Glass 34cl x2

Polymaster Royal Glass 34cl x2

During the entire tasting sequence, this glass offers continuous and concordant sensations, free of fluctuations or interruptions, proof of the total lack of influence by the glass.The bioenergetic effect of this glass restores to the wine all its vitality, making its taste perfectly stable over time. This glass has the particularity of giving a homogeneous and faithful image of all wines (red, rosé, white or effervescent).It reveals the mineral character and tactile sensations that allow the precise identification of the terroir. It allows the taster to make a perfect sensory synthesis and a spontaneous reading of the wine's balance.



This crystal is unprecedented and perfect for tasting due to its unique property of revitalizing the wine. It is able to transfer the characteristics of the wine in a coherent and spontaneous way for the person who is tasting it. Made of barium glass, these glasses are perfect for any type of wine (white, red, rosé or sparkling) and from any region.They are also a reference for any taster who wants to use the same glass to evaluate a set of wines and thus do so on an equal footing. From a technical point of view, there is currently no equivalent type of glass. It is therefore an exclusive product reserved for the refined tasting of the most knowledgeable.Height: 206 mm.Capacity: 340 cl.In barium glass.Dishwasher safe (65°C).

Brand: Royal Glass
Volume: 75 cl
Type: White
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