Hibachi Mini Portable Grill MH 150 Mibrasa

Hibachi Mini Portable Grill MH 150 Mibrasa

Hibachi MH 150 Mibrasa. Dimensions: 15cm long, 15cm wide and 14cm high.



This Mibrasa product is a portable mini grill that is very easy to move. A high quality product that has been created with the objective of being used in restaurants or for domestic use. It is a very versatile grill that adapts easily to formal and informal environments, its design is elegant and functional. It is made of the highest quality steel and is highly resistant to heat. It cooks with charcoal and is suitable for a wide variety of products: meats, vegetables and fish. The included accessories are a trim, grill, burner and charcoal holder. The average ignition time is approximately 25 minutes.

Brand: Mibrasa
Origin: Spain
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