Coravin Model Two Elite + 2 Capsules

Coravin Model Two Elite + 2 Capsules


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New version of Coravin Model Two Elite.Coravin allows you to access, serve and enjoy wines by the glass without opening the botella.Nuevo modern design and elegante.Incluye:- An improved standard needle and a locking system to prevent leakage of the liquid- Two replacement capsules (simplified installation system)- New clamp- CaseFUNCTION:The Coravin is a system that penetrates the cork of the bottle without piercing it, through an ultra fine needle. Once inside the bottle, the system introduces an Argon gas that does not alter the content and the desired amount of wine is extracted. The needle can be removed and the cork remains in perfect condition, preventing the wine from coming into contact with oxygen. It can be used in as many bottles as desired.

Brand: Coravin
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