Recycled cotton napkins 12u MY DRAP

Recycled cotton napkins 12u MY DRAP

Roll of 12 recycled cotton napkins of 20x20cm in ecru color and 100% cotton. You can dress the table in the color you like or combine them with the Basics collection. An elegant alternative to paper napkins.



MY DRAP is an alternative to paper napkins and ready-made cloth napkins:

  • Convenience: cloth napkins available in a handy pre-cut roll ready to use, perfectly ironed.
  • Hygiene: seamless cloth napkins prevent the accumulation of germs.
  • Variety of colors and designs, to create a unique atmosphere.
  • Cloth napkins in cotton, recycled cotton or linen, manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.
MY DRAP, cloth napkins, to dress the table at Christmas (and the rest of the year) in a fun, elegant or creative way. For your Christmas gatherings with family and/or friends, or, why not, for professional use in restaurants, caterings, etc. MY DRAP, the detail that makes the difference.
Brand: My Drap
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