Alemany 1879 Honey with Propolis 250g

Alemany 1879 Honey with Propolis 250g

This honey with propolis contains a number of healthful characteristics. It is a natural antiseptic that is collected and produced to ensure the protection of the hive. It is perfect to accompany a piece of toast for breakfast or a snack.


29.00€ Kg


Alemany 1879 honey with propolis is a perfect antiseptic. It is also a perfect condiment for some dishes and can also be eaten on a slice of bread, at breakfast or snack time. It is made with all-natural products such as honey and propolis.Propolis contains pollen in its composition which is a powerful antioxidant and contains vitamins B, C and E.

Brand: Alemany 1879
Valor energético: 1395 KJ / 330 Kcal
Proteínas: 0,9
Sal: 0,01
Hidratos de carbono: 81
Azúcares: 81
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