Olive Oil with Basil - Spray 200ml - Iliada

Olive Oil with Basil - Spray 200ml - Iliada


44.52€ Kg


Revolutionize the way you prepare your meals by adding the finishing touch with Iliada spray oil. The distinctive flavor of basil in extra virgin olive oil will captivate your senses. Bursting on your palate with the lively aromas of extra virgin olive oil and freshly chopped basil, this condiment becomes irresistible in the finest kitchens.

Flavor : Rich, full-bodied and very well balanced, characteristics that show its medium fruity flavor, a slight bitter point, with a fresh aroma and the pleasant taste of basil.

Texture : oily, thick.

color : intense, dark green to golden green.

Brand: Iliad
Valor energético: 3382 KJ / 823 kcal
Grasas: 91
Saturadas: 13
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