Castillo de Canena Arbequina Oil with Marine Plankton 250ml

Castillo de Canena Arbequina Oil with Marine Plankton 250ml

Arbequina EVOO with marine plankton. 250 milliliters.


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Castillo de Canena is once again committed to the avant-garde without losing sight of tradition. This Arbequina EVOO has been infused with marine phytoplankton. This product, so peculiar and unique in the world, has been introduced little by little in the world of gastronomy. This innovative EVOO with plankton is totally natural and vegan. It is an explosion for all the senses. The combination of the exclusive marine product with fresh olive juice, makes it a product with which to develop numerous gastronomic and culinary elaborations.We invite you to enjoy the selection of gourmet oils that you can find in our online store

Brand: Canena Castle
Origin: Spain
Type: Arbequina
Nose: Maximum sea expressiveness, although other unique and surprising sensations appear, such as green and fruity notes.
Boca: Fresh and elegant, with a balanced soft and spicy bitterness. Sweet mouthfeel in balance with salty memories of the sea.
Valor energético: 3620 KJ / 881 kcal
Grasas: 97
Saturadas: 16
Proteínas: 0,7
Sal: 0,05
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