Semicured sheep cheese 2,2 - 2,4kg Gómez Moreno

Semicured sheep cheese 2,2 - 2,4kg Gómez Moreno

Semicured Artisan Sheep Cheese, aged between 2 and 4 months. Made in an artisan way with raw sheep's milk from our own livestock, this variety of cheese achieves a perfect balance between an authentic flavor and a soft and pleasant texture.

Gómez Moreno Artisan Semi-cured Sheep Cheese is the cheese for the whole family as it adapts to all tastes and pleases both adults and children. Given its great versatility of use, this artisan cheese is the "all-rounder" of the family and can be used for a healthy snack, as a gift for family and friends or as a snack for the children. Its applications are endless.



Its flavor is perfectly balanced between the softness of a soft cheese and the intensity of a cured cheese. Made with raw sheep's milk, with light acidic touches, which make Gómez Moreno semi-cured cheese perfect for any occasion. A cheese with which you will always get it right.The interior of Gómez Moreno semi-cured sheep cheese is a yellowish-white color with small eyes distributed throughout the easy-cutting surface, buttery appearance and unmistakable lactic aroma

Brand: Gomez Moreno
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