Olavidia cheese 260-300g approx Quesos&Besos

Olavidia cheese 260-300g approx Quesos&Besos

Olavida Quesos&Besos Cheese.


61.96€ Kg


This cheese is made with the oldest fermentation method. It is made with lactic acid bacteria present in milk. These bacteria act on the lactose, the sugar present in the milk, and degrade it to lactic acid. It is in these cheeses, where the loss of the whey contained in the milk occurs spontaneously. 15 to 20 days ripening. With a strong odor. A smell that does not appear in the mouth. It should always be kept cold.

Valor energético: 295 kcal / 1225 KJ
Grasas: 23
Saturadas: 16
Proteínas: 21
Sal: 1,5
Hidratos de carbono: 1
Azúcares: 1
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