Vegan Chili 380g Gourmet Passion

Vegan Chili 380g Gourmet Passion


6.92€ Kg


Vegan chili is an ideal dish for vegetable lovers who do not want to give up the flavor of chili. A delicacy where tomato, red and green peppers, oil and spices combine to make a great Mexican dish. Perfect to eat in tacos and as a side dish on your nachos.Listo to heat and serve1. Open the can and pour the chili into a skillet or microwaveable bowl for one minute.2. Warm tortillas in a skillet or microwave wrapped in a damp cloth.3. Serve the vegan chili on top of the tortillas, add a touch of salsa to taste and... enjoy!

Valor energético: 452 KJ / 108 kcal
Grasas: 2,6
Saturadas: 0,2
Proteínas: 5,1
Sal: 1
Hidratos de carbono: 14,8
Azúcares: 3,9
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