Sriracha Sauce 150ml Sierra Nevada

Sriracha Sauce 150ml Sierra Nevada


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Sriracha sauce comes from Southeast Asia. The history of this sauce has its roots in a Thai village called Si Racha. There is some confusion, some say it comes from Vietnam and others from Si Racha, but what is certain is that it is a very popular and tasty sauce, typically made with chili peppers fermented for 1-3 months, sweet chili, vinegar, refined sugar, garlic and salt. As the philosophy at Salsas Sierra Nevada is to make healthy, wholesome and natural foods, we have used agave syrup instead of sugar. It also has garlic fermented in honey, which in combination with the fermented chilis gives it a unique, delicious, and addictive flavor. It is our healthy version of Sriracha.

Brand: Sierra Nevada Sauces and Spices
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