Weichsel Cherry Brandy, 2006, 50%vol. 0,35L,...

Weichsel Cherry Brandy, 2006, 50%vol. 0,35L, Rochelt



The Vistula, also called sour cherries, is grown for us in the sunny regions of western Styria. The slightly oval fruits, which glow red when picked, are characterized by their juicy, sweet-sour and aromatic fleshtica.Nuestro farmer makes every effort because each cherry is carefully picked individually by hand for us during the harvest, and only when the fruit has reached its full aroma and the optimum sugar-acid ratio. To ensure this, harvesting usually takes several weeks. In this way we ensure that only fully ripe, highly aromatic fruit is processed and then distilled.ticas.Nuestro sour cherry brandy impresses with its refreshing fruity aromas, fine notes of cinnamon and a slight hint of bitter almond.

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