Mirabelle Plum Brandy, 2008, 50%vol. 0,35L,...

Mirabelle Plum Brandy, 2008, 50%vol. 0,35L, Rochelt



The "Mirabelle de Nancy" is considered the most valuable of all mirabelle varieties. It is valued by connoisseurs and lovers for its plum aromas particularly finos.Cosechamos these mirabelle plums in Weinviertel (Lower Austria), where they grow to full maturity under ideal climatic conditions. Then they are up to three centimeters high, golden yellow and slightly reddish on the side facing the sun.The carefully harvested fruits are gently processed into plum puree directly at the fruit producer. After distillation and ripening, a noble drop with the finely spicy aroma of fully ripe mirabelle plums is created.

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