Williamsbirne Pear Brandy, 2013, 50%vol. 0,35L,...

Williamsbirne Pear Brandy, 2013, 50%vol. 0,35L, Rochelt



The Williams de Rochelt pear comes from sunny western Styria, where it grows under ideal conditions. At the height of maturity it is light green to lemon yellow in color and often slightly reddish on the sunny side. During harvest time, each of our pears is checked for ripeness on the tree and only harvested when they reach the desired sweet, spicy and delicately fruity aromas. To do this, our pear grower has to complete up to 15 harvest cycles in his garden.To preserve all the fruity aromas, we always process the freshly harvested ripe pears directly at the fruit grower.Once the pear puree has been safely transported to our distillery in Fritzens, it is carefully distilled and stored for maturation. The perfect eau-de-vie impresses with its fruity aromas of fully ripe Williams pears, it appears strong and powerful, at the same time smooth and soft.

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