Apricot Brandy Wachauer Marille, 2013, 50% vol....

Apricot Brandy Wachauer Marille, 2013, 50% vol. 0,35L, Rochelt



Wachau is one of Austria's best wine and fruit growing regions. Located on the banks of the Danube, the soil and climate offer ideal growing conditions for the albaricoques.Nuestros apricot growers wait for the fruit to fall from the tree when it is fully ripe, orange-yellow with an intense redness and juicy to the core. Only then do they pick them carefully from the ground, because this is the only way for the apricots to have all the aroma for a premium brandy calidad.Los hand-selected apricots are sorted, cleaned and crushed directly on site each harvest day. Only then is it safely transported to our distillery.After distillation, the initially young apricot brandy matures into a fine drop over time, smooth and soft, at the same time dense and strong, with the fine fruity aroma of ripe apricots.A Rochelt classic for 25 years!

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