Apple Brandy Gravensteiner Apfel, 2008, 50%...

Apple Brandy Gravensteiner Apfel, 2008, 50% vol. 0,35L, Rochelt


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Gravensteiner is considered a juicy, noble and very aromatic table apple of the highest quality. Unfortunately, due to its low crop yields and limited shelf life, it is rarely cultivated nowadays and finds the best climatic conditions for it in the southwestern regions of Styria. The alternation between warm summer days and somewhat cooler nights is ideal for developing the delicate fruit aromas.Each apple remains on the tree until it is fully ripe. To ensure this, we carefully harvest the orchard by hand in several stages according to strict criteria. The puree is processed fresh on site every harvest day.After the burning and ripening period, this apple shows its best side: a powerful, beautifully ripe brandy, full of fine, fruity and delicate apple aromas.

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