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Delamain Pale & Dry X.O. Centenaire Cognac Grande Champagne 50cl


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THE PUREST EXPRESSION OF THE TERROIR OF ORIGIN OF THE GREATEST COGNACS This declaration of fidelity and faith has been constant in the Delamain family, since James Delamain arrived from Ireland in 1759 to partner with Jean-Isaac Ranson, his father-in-law, owner of an old exporting firm whose origins go back to the earliest days of Cognac.The deep roots of the Delamain House, a firm managed to this day by the direct descendants of its founder, Patrick Peyrelongue and his cousin Charles Braastad, go back to the origins of the Cognac trade and allow it to be part of the oldest elite of the region. The Delamain family counts among its members humanists, scientists and poets, among them Jacques Delamain, writer and great ornithologist, or Robert Delamain, author of "The History of Cognac", an obligatory reference book among lovers and scholars. The family has remained homogeneous and united in the intimacy of a house full of memories and traditions bequeathed by great generations precedentes.Abiertos to the world and attentive to the evolution of things, the successive owners of the Delamain house have always personally managed the most important processes of production: purchase of eaux-de-vie, aging, blending, reduction, which explains the impressive constancy of the product. Executor of the original character of the old Maisons de Cognac, Delamain selects and buys the eaux-de-vie from the owner-distillers of the region, linked by often long-standing relationships of reciprocal trust. In this way Delamain has access to the best sources of supply from the terroirs of Grande Champagne exclusively, the only ones capable of meeting the high level of quality demanded.the house Delamain remains faithful to its artisanal tradition. All the preparation operations are done by hand, following the rules of the art, within a requirement of absolute quality, in cellars invaded by magical essences and precious demijohns. Delamain's vision is simple: to remain true to themselves and offer Cognacs of the purest and most authentic expression. Today, the greatest pride of the Delamain house, always conquering new markets, is the recognition of its know-how and the appreciation its Cognacs receive from the greatest connoisseurs around the world. The Delamain Spirit The Delamain house is very attached to its traditional and artisanal character, where the taste for perfection surpasses any commercial requirement. It specializes in the aging and ageing of very high quality Cognacs. THE DELAMAIN METHODTheSelection Delamain's perfectionist concept can only find its raison d'être among the best cru of Cognac: La Grande Champagne; from whose best micro-terroirs the winery sources. No contract; all purchases are made after a rigorous tasting at the home of the owners, who distill and begin the aging of their Cognacs following Delamain's instructions for centuries. The Cellar The winery has forbidden the use of new oak barrels to avoid the excessive contribution of tannin, which would contribute to harden the eau-de-vie and deteriorate its original elegance. Delamain Cognacs are aged in old French oak barrels called "roux", of 350 liters, which implies a longer aging time than the current practices. The Cellar The aging of the Cognacs takes place in the ideal hygrometric conditions of the old cellars of property, located on the banks of the Charente. Blending After aging, only Cognacs of similar age are blended: a young eau-de-vie combined with a very old one "upsets" it to the detriment of the quality of the final product. The Pairing After blending, the final blend will remain in wooden casks for two more years to obtain a perfect harmony. The Reduction This is when the very delicate operation of "reduction" takes place. No precautions are spared: Use of "faibles" (old Cognacs reduced to 15º of alcohol), introduced slowly and in phases. This ensures better monitoring of the cut and avoids the risk of "breaking" the eau-de-vie. It is then filtered and bottled. The Finishes Every detail is taken care of: Each bottle is rinsed with Cognac before bottling, labels and wax seals of the highest quality are applied by hand. Each bottle is carefully checked before being placed in its case.
Volume: 0.5 l
Graduation: 13.5%
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