Chistorra Casa Ortega - 350g

Chistorra Casa Ortega - 350g

Chistorra of own elaboration Casa Ortega. Vacuum packed. 350 grams.

Our meats are filleted or portioned at the time of the order, as we have been doing since 1939 in our traditional butcher's shops.

The cuts are sent vacuum packed guaranteeing the cold chain, ready to be consumed refrigerated or frozen and are correctly labeled to ensure absolute traceability of the product.


8.40€ Kg


Chistorra is made with minced pork and beef, bacon, bacon and abundant paprika. It is then stuffed into a long, thin casing and is consumed raw, fried or at plancha.Tambiand can also be used in the preparation of various recipes. From Casa Ortega, we recommend that you try chistorra with scrambled eggs. Another option is chistorra in cider.chistorra is a food with a very small percentage of water in its composition. Its high lipid content forms the energetic value of the product. Chistorra is a food that provides a lot of energy as it is a very important source of calories. It can be very beneficial for athletes or people who work with a lot of physical ensure that our customers receive their products fresh and retaining all its properties, the article is vacuum Casa Ortega elaborate sausages own production, you can also buy Iberian chorizo 100% acorn and 100% acorn salami.

Valor energético: 1674 KJ/ 400 kcal
Grasas: 35
Saturadas: 14
Proteínas: 14
Sal: 2
Hidratos de carbono: 0,5
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