Iberian pork loin 50% Iberian breed Sliced 100g Casa Ortega

Iberian pork loin 50% Iberian breed Sliced 100g Casa Ortega

Exquisite 50% Iberian pork loin. 100% natural, without preservatives or coloring, from Casa Ortega.

Our meats are filleted or portioned at the time of the order, as we have been doing since 1939 in our traditional butcher shops.

The cuts are sent vacuum packed guaranteeing the cold chain, ready to be consumed refrigerated or frozen and are properly labeled to ensure absolute traceability of the product.



After carefully selecting our product, we offer you sliced Iberian pork loin from Casa Ortega. Our product goes through a controlled curing process creating a product of the highest quality. It can be served in thin slices to enjoy its exquisite flavor in our palates. It is usually served as an appetizer.The elaboration of this sausage follows a very careful process. After several months of curing and maturing, the product has a homogeneous and firm texture. The half loin, being a sausage, contains B vitamins, such as B12, and different minerals, such as iron and magnesium.This Iberian loin can be accompanied by other quality products. In this case we recommend you to choose one of the cured cheeses that you can find in our online gourmet store.

Brand: Casa Ortega
Origin: Spain
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