Smoked Eel, 110-125g Rooftop Smokehouse

Anguila Ahumada, 110-125g Rooftop Smokehouse


182.50€ Kg


Hot smoked eel smoked in oak and beech wood, our eel comes from Germany. The fishing used for our product guarantees the repopulation of the species by keeping the eel fry in the rivers, for its preparation, it is only necessary to temper the product or steam it for a few minutes.

Allergens: Pescado, puede contener trazas de leche, moluscos, mostaza y sulfitos.
Valor energético: 1316 KJ /318 Kcal
Grasas: 27,24
Saturadas: 8,5
Proteínas: 18,12
Sal: 1,41
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