Anchovy Fillets 7/10 fillets AOVE Limited Series, 1/8LIN, CODESA

Filetes de Anchoa 7/10 filetes AOVE Serie Limitada, 1/8LIN, CODESA



Codesa anchovy fillets 7/10 pieces limited series.The Limited Series is elaborated with the selection of the HIGHEST QUALITIES of anchovies selected from the ALBA catches acquired in the Cantabrian Sea ports during the months of April and May, when the anchovies reach their maximum quality for the elaboration of the Salazón, which will remain curing in the cellar for an average of one yearo.Posteriormente is elaborated in appetizing fillets in a totally artisan way where only a few expert Cantabrian filleting hands will be able to pamper them and elaborate them in small LIMITED PRODUCTIONS where the MAXIMUM QUALITY will prevail over the quantity.

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