San Pellegrino Naturali Lemon & Mint 330mL

San Pellegrino Naturali Lemon & Mint 330mL


3.97€ Kg


Lemons kissed by the Mediterranean sun touched by the freshness of mint. Your favorite all-natural drink from Italy meets a mint infusion in Sanpellegrino Limone & Menta, the authentic beverage made with 100% natural and quality ingredients to add the perfect touch to any time of your daya.Ligeramente carbonated and soft yellow with greenish hues, Sanpellegrino Limone & Menta is an authentic premium drink with a lot of personality that will reach all your senses. Immerse yourself in its aromatic bouquet of juicy lemon with hints of mint as you sip this refreshing 100% natural dry lemon drink, expertly crafted to create the perfect balance between sweet and tart.Its intense lemon flavor is followed by light minty undertones throughout, taking you to a wonderful moment of vigor.Sanpellegrino Limone & Menta is served chilled at a temperature of 6-8° C, with a slice or zest of lemon, along with fresh mint. Pink peppercorns are also a great match for the spicy flavors of Limone & Menta.

Origin: Italy
Zone: EU
Valor energético: 159KJ / 37Kcal
Proteínas: 0,1
Hidratos de carbono: 8,3
Azúcares: 8,3
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