Rude Health Barista Special Almond Drink 1L

Rude Health Barista Special Almond Drink 1L

Barista special almond drink. Rude Health. 1 liter.


4.73€ Kg


The best combination of creamy almonds, crushed and mixed with rice, pure spring water and a pinch of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Thanks to the rice, the drink has a very mild and natural sweetness. No thickeners, syrups or sweeteners are used, it is specially designed to be foamable and to be paired with coffee, withno added sugar and lactose free.

Allergens: Contiene avena y almendras.
Valor energético: 243 kj / 58 kcal
Grasas: 2,1
Saturadas: 0,3
Proteínas: 1,8
Sal: 0,06
Hidratos de carbono: 8
Azúcares: 5,7
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