Grated yuzu Terre Exotique 20g

Grated yuzu Terre Exotique 20g

Grated yuzu. Terre Exotique. 20 grams.


567.00€ Kg


This ingredient comes from East Asia and was later introduced in Japan. Its color is yellow or green, depending on the degree of ripeness of the product. It has a taste similar to tangerine and yellow grapefruit and is the perfect accompaniment to tabbouleh, sorbet, falafel, white fish, puree, vegetables or even a preparation with chocolate.

Allergens: No contiene alérgenos.
Valor energético: -
Grasas: -
Saturadas: -
Proteínas: -
Sal: -
Hidratos de carbono: -
Azúcares: -
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