Rey Fernando de Castilla Oloroso Single Vinegar 37,5cl

Rey Fernando de Castilla Oloroso Singular 37,5cl

Oloroso Singular. King Ferdinand of Castile. 37.5 centiliters.



It was in 2019 when Fernando de Castillo presented its new range "Singular" to make known to those passionate about the wines of Jerez, the best selection of broths and soleras. This wine has been made with sacas of 2 of its most exclusive wines, with exceptional quality and very old. The bags are limited to 600 bottles of 37.5 centiliters. This wine is presented in individual wooden cases. This Oloroso Singular is a very peculiar and "singular" Oloroso. It comes from a special reserve that has seen the light of day after more than 100 years stored with great care and care. This story goes back some years ago, when Fernando de Castilla got 3 bottles of a very old oloroso. The Botas came from a prominent family of Jerez for over 100 years .

Nose: The aroma is complex and powerful with notes of oak and nuts.
Boca: In the mouth it is enveloping, intense and with a lot of structure. Very persistent finish.
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