Vermouth Atamán Barbadillo 1L

Vermouth Atamán Barbadillo 1L


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There was a rumor among the new Vermouth crazies. It was said that Barbadillo had an old Vermouth in boot. In one corner there were seven butts that were forgotten 40 years ago. Vermouth in old sherry butts with lost recipes. The rumor ran because some bottles fell into the hands of Vermouth madmen like Villalgordo or Rayco Fernandez. It was rumored because there were those who stole a bottle to share it with friends... La Casa had two brands of Vermouth: Atamán and Aventurero. Apparently, both shared roots, so the worst thing was to decide on one of the names. Which one would you have chosen? Do you even know what an Ataman is?

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